Conference Presentations

We are grateful to all the presenters who took time away from their busy schedules to attend the 2019 AUCSO Conference. The Aston University Vice Chancellor, Professor Eric Cameron welcomed us and opened the conference, and we were also delighted to hear from the Vice Chancellor of the University of Liverpool, Professor Dame Janet Beer, who is the current President of Universities UK. Thank you to you both. Our sincere thanks go to all our guest presenters who have allowed us to save their presentations in the Members Area of our website, in the 2019 Conference folder. These are pdf versions for members to read and use appropriately (please respect the authors work). If members need contact details for any of the presenters, please email

Pictured – AUCSO Chair Trevor Jones thanking Dr Lucy Easthope for her presentation and work on the third edition of the AUCSO Resilience Guide.


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