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Date: Wed 21st Apr 2021     Time: 10:15 am - 11:15 am

10:15 (BST) Wednesday 21 April 2021

The Exec Group considered that as the Pandemic is still very much a topical subject for us all, that the first webinar would be focussed on impact of managing security in our institutions and lessons learned during the pandemic.  It was also agreed that it would be good to hear from our regional groups outwith the UK and hear of the challenges they have faced.  Three of our colleagues have kindly offered to be our presentation panel at the event.  Tara Murphy will present on behalf of the University of New South Wales and the Australasia Regional Group.  Benny Vandenberghe will present on behalf of the University of Gent and the Europe Regional Group.  Ray Wheatley will present on behalf of Dublin City University and the Ireland Regional Group

This Webinar will start at 10:15 on 21 April following on from the AGM.  Please note that the webinar is on a separate platform from the MS teams site hosting the AGM.

The format of the webinar will be that each of the 3 panellists will deliver a 10 minute presentation and thereafter some panel discussions with Q&A will follow.  Details of the agenda and speakers are available on the webinar booking page link at the bottom of this message.

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