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Date: Wed 6th Jun 2018 - Thu 7th Jun 2018     Time: All Day

Europe’s terror threat is real now, as well as the future predictions of potential unpredictable attacks. Between 2010 and 2014 Europe has counted a total of 37 terrorist killings, with only less than a hundred of Europeans affected. Respectively, last year the terrorism death rate was already a 0.027 per 100,000, counting the amount of almost 150 dead.

Like it or not, there is a growing tendency of unpredictable attacks across Europe. It is inevitably going to happen and public venues remain the primary soft target for future hazards.

Occasional public venue and events safety gaps force us to take a different look to active shooter or a loan-wolf attack, targeting tourist sites, large-scale events, restaurants or commercial centres. That begs the questions – how safe your upcoming gathering will be? What will you do to make those attacks fail? Danger is never greater outside your control area and there is no such thing as enough of security to make public viewings completely safe. Problems are in constant motion, so as your security solutions must be.

Learn to prevent unpredictable and don’t let your venue to be another Barcelona’s Las Ramblas, Brussels’ Zaventem airport, Paris’ Bataclan music stage, or a London Bridge in nearby Borough Market.

This event will help you to create a security shelter to protect your customers, clients, guests, entertainers, VIP’s and the personnel.

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