Webinar 2 – Understanding Terrorism Risk and County Lines in Tertiary Education

For the second AUCSO webinar it was agreed that external specialist speakers would present on topical subjects of interest to us all.

The Webinar will be introduced and moderated by our Vice-Chairman Ollie Curran

Guest Speaker 1 Detective Superintendent Adam Thomson from NaCTSO and will be supported by Andreas Engelbrecht, Chair of our London Regional Group.  Detective Superintendent Thomson will present on NaCTSO updates and the discussions around ‘Martyn’s Law’,

DS Thomson will give some historical background behind PAL`s (publicly accessible locations) what his department interaction with the Protect Duty consultation would be as well as what they feel the definition of “reasonably practicable” is as set out in the consultation document. He will also talk about the competency question and will outline they will be suggesting to the UK Home Office and how that could be set up. He will also talk about the Barlow approach to counter terrorism risk assessment.

Guest Speaker 2 DI Lee Newman, County Lines Regional Coordinator Thames Valley Police, supported by Adrian Dennehy, Chair of our Wales Regional Group. DI Newman will present on Substance Misuse and how County Lines is impacting in universities.

DI Newman will present an overview of the serious problems associated with organised crime, in particular Country Lines, and the impact on universities.  He will also update us on police strategies to combat the risk and initiatives that we can participate with.


There will be an opportunity for Q&A with each speaker after their individual presentations.

Advance questions for the panel are invited from members.  Please send any questions you may wish to put to the panel to Ollie Curran, who will chair the panel discussion.  There will be opportunities for ad hoc questions to the panel at the event.

The Webinar will be recorded and links to them posted on AUCSO website for the benefit of members who are unable to join the live events.

To register for the Webinar please follow this link: 

AUCSO Webinars


When you register for the webinar there is now a link to add the invite to your calendar for ease of access to the event.


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