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The SIA have requested I circulate the following for your attention.

Consultation on new business approval scheme

We have launched a public consultation on the key principles that will underpin our business approval scheme in the future.

The changes under consideration will signal a shift in the way we approve businesses. It will also change how standards are defined for security businesses, ensuring public protection is at the heart of the new scheme.

The growing recognition of the critical role private security personnel play in public safety means there is a clear need for a new scheme for businesses which is grounded in public protection.

We have clear evidence that supports a fundamental reset and implementation of a new standards scheme for security businesses placing public protection front and centre.

This isn’t just about those already in the approved contractor scheme.

The impact of Martyn’s Law and the increasing level of awareness of the threats to public safety means that public expectations on all suppliers of security will intensify.

We want as many people associated with the private security industry to take part in our consultation.

Please help us to ensure your members have an opportunity to shape the future of a new business approval scheme and make sure it is relevant.

Subject to the responses we will hold a further consultation on the detailed proposals for a  redesigned business approvals scheme.

This consultation will run for six weeks and will close on 4 April 2024

To take part please go here


The survey will take around 20 minutes to complete, depending on how much detail you give in additional boxes. Once you start the online survey, you can save and return to it at any point.

KR Julie


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