AUCSO Awards for 2020


Message from our Chair, Trevor Jones  –  Once again the AUCSO Executive Committee will now receive and review applications for our four annual awards for exceptional service during 2020. It is understandable that ALL our security teams will have worked extremely hard under difficult circumstances over the last 12 months and they most probably all deserve recognition of some sort.  However, the AUCSO awards are presented to those who have demonstrated a very high standard of service throughout the year or who have given an exceptional response to an incident under extreme circumstances.

The criteria and application forms for the awards can be found on our website in the Resources Library / Awards folder. We know how recognition of good work is much appreciated, so please now consider your security teams service last year against the awards criteria and then submit your nominations on the appropriate form to the AUCSO COO by Monday 8 February 2021. All nominees (who meet the criteria) will receive a certificate of excellence, signed by the Chair.

Thank you in advance to all of you who submit an application. Best regards, Trevor.


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