Roger Morgan

It is with a tinge of sadness but a resounding “Good For You!” that we report the retirement of Roger Morgan, the Head of Security at the University of Sussex this Friday. Roger was appointed to his post in November 2007 and immediately became a committed supporter of AUCSO. He joined the Executive in 2009 after re-establishing the South East Region, and was Vice Chair and temporary Chair before being elected Chair in 2012. He has been a speaker at two AUCSO conferences, leading workshops on performance reviews and major incidents.

Trevor Jones, AUCSO Chair, commented – “I have nothing but splendid memories of Roger as an ambassador and leader of this fantastic group. I remember when the previous Chair left suddenly and how Roger stepped up to lead us. I know many members were very grateful that he did, as was I. Roger is the very best of us and that period proved it! I am delighted to say “I know Roger Morgan” and wish him a long and healthy retirement.”

Roger’s university security career was preceded by a 34 year career in UK policing, serving in senior roles in a wide range of disciplines, including professional standards, territorial command, corporate governance and performance, and support operations including HR and training, with over 20 years of continuous service in firearms and public order command. His significant contribution to police sport but especially running and athletics, was recognised with a Police Sport UK Wales, Award of Excellence, and he was also active in the work of the Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales.

I’m sure members will join us (add your comments below) in wishing Roger a long, healthy and happy retirement. We will miss you Roger, but sure we will meet up again somewhere along the way. (BD)


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