Outstanding Security Performance Awards (The OSPA’s)

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We are delighted to see that Ollie Curran, the AUCSO Chair for our London region will be representing AUCSO on the judging panel for the 2021 OSPA’s. Well done Ollie! This gives all our members an added incentive to put forward their staff for one or more of the awards. To read about the OSPA’s and how to nominate your staff, go to the OSPA’s website. Nominations must be submitted by 1st of October 2020.  The judging panel are also listed on the OSPA’s website.

As well as representing AUCSO on the OSPA’s panel, Ollie attends the Security Commonwealth meetings on behalf of AUCSO, so is quite a busy chap. If any of the London region members would like to assist Ollie as regional deputy Chair, please do get in touch with him for an informal talk. Thank you!


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