Webinar 3 – Standard Operating Procedures and Emergency Procedures

We are pleased to announce that our next AUCSO Webinar will take place on Friday Date 15 October 2021 between 10.00 – 11:05 (GMT) 

Subject: Standard Operating Procedures and Emergency Procedures

Following on from the members survey we conducted a number of weeks ago, the top subject requested by the majority (76.6%) of those who responded requested that Standard Operating Procedures and Emergency Procedures was of most interest.

This webinar will focus on Standard Operating Procedures and Emergency Procedures for our Security Teams. These should help to maintain an effective and safe work environment by clearly outlining the procedures that our staff should adopt and apply to their daily work.

The Webinar will be introduced and moderated by Andreas Engelbrecht, Chair of our London Regional Group.

Our first guest speaker is Dr David Rubens, Executive Director at The Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM).  David will present a strategic overview suggesting some initial thoughts, such as, why do our operational processes often fail in a crisis? Is it a lack of understanding on how to produce them, a lack of knowledge on what the content should be, a lack of ownership or a lack of effective training and understanding from our front-line staff?

Our second guest speaker will be AUCSO stalwart Dale Murphy, Head of Security and Resilience, at the University of Hertfordshire. Dale will present from an operational perspective, exploring what we can do to ensure our procedures are appropriate and as effective as they can be to protect our communities. How do we prepare them and get commitment from senior management?

After both presentations there will be an opportunity for Q&A and further discussion with the speakers.


Note: – this webinar is restricted to AUCSO members only due to sensitive nature of content

The Webinar will be recorded, and a link posted on AUCSO website members area for the benefit of members who are unable to join the live event.

To register for the Webinar please follow this link: 

AUCSO Webinar 3


When you register for the webinar there is now a link to add the invite to your calendar for ease of access to the event.  Please ensure that you check the ‘add to calendar box’.

Les Allan

AUCSO Chairman


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